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Soft Skills

The key to getting, and keeping, a good job is about more than your technical training. It's about how well you communicate, work in a team, manage conflict, and exhibit a professional attitude. These are considered "soft skills," and employers in practically every industry say they look for these qualities when hiring someone.

The term soft skills applies to general "people skills," such as communication, teamwork, and professionalism. Unlike hard skills - which are applied toward specific types of jobs, such as computer programming, construction, or medical care - soft skills aren't often directly taught in school or career training programs. Yet, they are just as, if not  more, important that hard skills in many jobs.

Our Soft Skills programs are designed to give a foundation of knowledge and tools to become a valuable employee

Our various Soft Skills Training programs are as below

v  Presentation Skills Training

v  Time Management Training

v  Personal Effectiveness Training

v  Stress Management Training

v  Body Language Training

v  Business Etiquette Training

v  Strategic Management & Leadership Training

v  Public Speaking Training

v  Negotiation Skills Training

v  Team Building Training

v  Goal Setting Training

v  Dining Etiquette Training

v  For any customized training as per your requirement please write to us at info@sunmars.org or Call +91-9016425479.