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Banking and Finance

Master of Business Administration (Banking and Finance)


Eligibility : Any Bachelor Degree

Program Structure


Sub. Code Subject Credits   Sub. Code Subject Credits




MBA-01 Managerial Tasks and Behavioral Dynamics 5   MBA-13 Research Methodology 5
MBA-02 Corporate Communication and Managerial Economics 5   MBA-14 Total Quality Management 5
MBA-03 Legislative Framework of Business 5   MBA-15 International Business Management 5
MBA-04 Accounting and Taxation for Managers 5   BF-01 Banking Management and Financial Reporting 5
MBA-05 Operation Research 5   BF-02 Portfolio and Security Analysis 5
MBA-06 Business Development and Entrepreneurship 5   BF-03 Financial Risk Management and Insurance Services 5




MBA-07 Human Asset Management 5   BF-04 Banking Legislation and Regulations 5
MBA-08 Corporate Finance and Services 5   BF-05 International Financial Management 5
MBA-09 Marketing Planning and Management 5   BF-06 Technology and E- Banking for Managers 5
MBA-10 Production Technology and Industrial Engineering 5   BF-07 Financial Institutions and Services Management 5
MBA-11 Information Science for Managers 5   BF-08 Financial Inclusion and Social Banking 5
MBA-12 Strategic Management and Corporate Governance 5   MBA-16 Project Work Viva Voice 5 4
          Grand Credits 124



Degree Awarded by :- Karnataka State Open University